Beautiful post and beautiful art Susan. I am in awe of your ability to complete these challenges but also in awe how transformative they have been. I think I need to consider a daily practice... but my inconsistency always feels like the biggest hurdle.

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First of all, you saw an octopus while snorkeling in Croatia? Amazing! That would inspire creativity for sure!

Congrats on starting your 100 day challenge. I love seeing how your art evolved from the first challenge through the last one. And thanks for sharing about how your dad (as an artist/and also the grief of losing him) impacted your art journey. (I also lost my dad and art helped sustain me.)

I understand the reward that comes from the simple (but not-so-simple) act of sticking with something. Of showing up each time even when the work doesn't come easily or it's just bad that day.

I'd say showing up on Substack for the last 9 months has been a similar challenge for me. Nobody is making me do it. Nothing bad is going to happen if I skip a week. Sticking with it has helped me appreciate the fire in me to create that never goes out. So often the reward has been the sheer act of creating itself. Everything else is a bonus.

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I decided spontaneously to do the 100-Day Art Project, too :) I read about it a couple of weeks ago and thought how amazing it would be to do something like that, but I was worried I couldn't commit to 100 days. But this week, I told myself I would give it a try. I aim to journal one page and at least 5 min of drawing practice. I'm learning to draw, which will help me immensely to practice it daily. Most mornings, I draw for 30 minutes; once I get started, I enjoy it. :) I also printed a habit tracker to tick off every day to keep me motivated.

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