I LOVE this artwork, Susan, it's delightful! I'm enjoying the movement of the figures so much.

Love the glimpse of these swimming spots. I have a newsletter lined up all about my love for the ocean, I'm sure that I'm part sea creature. But I have to draw a line at freezing cold water. I can't get into the polar bear swims or freezing showers that have become so popular. Much respect to you!

Love that you're continuing forward with awareness and self-compassion for what you need on this particular art journey. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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I’m not a particularly strong swimmer but I have found my local pool a good spot for some moving meditation. Swimming lengths.

And when I met my partner 4 years ago we took up cold water swimming. Though perhaps what I do (at least Nov-March) is more like a “dunk”.

It feels invigorating non the less.

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A stunning post, Susan! I'm not much of a swimmer - I can't swim an actual stroke - but I enjoy being in the water even if I'm just floating, bobbing or doggy-paddling. Pre-Covid I would 'swim' almost daily at a local pool in an effort to improve. Well, I never did improve, but not only did I hugely improve my fitness I found I deeply enjoyed the thinking time and space that the repetitive movements lulled me into. You've inspired me to think about doing it again, so thank you!

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