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Hi, and welcome. I’m Susan.

I’m an artist & creative facilitator. From Australia’s wild shores to now based in the enchanting tulip fields in the Netherlands. Always by the sea, picking flowers, striving to bring all these connections together, and having my sketchbook close at hand —all these elements keep my adventurous spirit and curiosity alive and vibrant.

It all started with an exploration of art & journaling that changed my life — showing that creative magic is within us all.

What is Creative Wanderlust?

As I began my journey of rediscovering drawing, I felt incredibly isolated.

The local art classes I tried didn't quite fit, leaving me craving connection and support online. I remember longing for a community to encourage my journey but also personal growth.

Creating art together is far more joyful than going solo.

Also, I experienced that at the end of my live workshops, it was common feedback for people to express their surprise at the results of their creations.

From that revelation, Happy Surprises emerged into Creative Wanderlust, here on Substack.

A space dedicated to embracing the joy of happy mistakes.

Where we leave behind thoughts like “I am not an artist” or “I am not good enough.”

A space where creativity isn't confined to a hobby or downtime; it’s a vital part of your lifestyle.

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Over the past year, I've taken a step back from Instagram and other social media platforms to prioritise cultivating my community on Substack, aiming to forge deeper connections.

To make art more accessible, you can join for less than a slice of cake a month!

I want to create!

“regardless of whether you've ever dipped a brush in water or struggled to call yourself an Artist.”

What to expect:

  • creative art exploration that sparks or reignites your creative spirit

  • explore the freedom of play and painting outside the lines

  • sharing my art journey and journaling practice

  • sketching on the go inspired by nature

  • reflections of my other creative pursuits and photos from my travels

Plus, embracing the magic in the not-so-perfect (even 'ugly') art making. 

I want to make art!

Why I love art challenges and how they changed my life.

After nearly a decade-long hiatus without picking up a paintbrush, I found myself at rock bottom, yearning for a creative change for something I didn't even know I needed.

It was the start of a 30-day art challenge that reignited my creative spark and slowly led to daily art practice. Unbeknownst to me, it became the creative outlet I desperately craved.

Encouraged by my healing journey, I took on a 100-day art challenge, embracing intuition, playfulness, and imperfection. Today, art continues to be my pathway to self-expression and personal growth infused with mindfulness.

I've learned that creativity is more than a skill; it's essential for well-being and not just a pastime.

That is why I am deeply passionate about helping others unlock their creativity and embrace playful exploration. It’s about embracing those happy mistakes, where painting outside the lines brings us joy and a sense of calmness and fulfilment in our lives.

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